Consultant Clinics

The Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre offer highly specialized medical care services including physiotherapy and emergency services through specialized doctors and consultants in OPD. Its services comprise general and consulting clinics offering consultation and treatment in various specialities.

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Sunday Clinics

MH&HCC has started Sunday Clinics for facilitating patients in many ways. For example, patients who cannot skip work or those who are dependent on someone who is unable to come to the hospital on a working day can now come to the hospital for the treatment on Sundays.

Well Baby Clinic

The hospital has introduced the Well Baby Clinic to monitor a baby’s growth month-by-month up to the attainment of the age of 5 years. Child specialists are deputed to examine and monitor the babies and advise the parents for taking appropriate care if there is any problem in the development of the child. Only a small amount is charged per visit for this facility. Only a small amount is charged per visit for this facility and commercial moving companies in California will help you move from place to place.

Vaccination Centre

The Vaccination Centre of the hospital provides vaccination facilities for children against various diseases and viruses without any charge. The 6-course vaccination schedule for children includes BCG (vaccine for TB), Polio drops, Pentavalent Vaccine for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), Hepatitis-B and Haemophilus Influenzae-B and vaccine for Measles. Under the Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI), all immunization vaccines are provided free of cost by UNICEF.

The hospital is effectively playing its role by working along with the government of Sindh and UNICEF for improving health facilities for children. The hospital creates awareness and immunize children through its vaccination centre and arranging camps under the Project of Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI).

Each year more than 10,000 children have been vaccinated in Murshid Hospital & Healthcare Centre which includes BCG, OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine), TT (Tetanus Toxoid, a vaccine against Tetanus) and vaccination for diseases like Measles and Diarrhoea.