24 Hours Accident & Emergency

The Accident and Emergency section of Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre deals with accidents and emergencies round the clock and 365 days a year. The doctors and nurses are available to deal with the emergency situation and provide medical aid at all hours of the day.

Accident & Emergency Department Video

Ambulance Service

Currently, the hospital does not provide the on-call ambulance service to pick patients from their home, however, the ambulance service is available for shifting patients from Murshid Hospital & Health Care Services to another hospital or vice versa and hospital charges fee for this service. It is in future plans of the hospital to provide on-call ambulance services to meet the 24hrs requirement of patients coming in an emergency situation.

Surgical Facilities

The Accident and Emergency has facilities to perform minor surgical procedures to meet any emergency need. In Accident & Emergency mostly the patients come after an accident, which requires immediate surgical procedures to stop bleeding; the doctors can treat these patients and do minor surgeries when required. These procedures include stitches, surgery of wound and injury, finger or toenail removal, etc.

Diagnostics Services

The Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre has the required diagnostics facilities for the patients coming to the Accident & Emergency of the hospital. ECG test facilities are available 24hrs in the Emergency to check heart-related issues and doctors can diagnose if the patient is having a heart attack. Radiology & required laboratory tests can be performed for these patients at the hospital round the clock.