Patient’s Registration

  • All patients must first get themselves registered at the counter before getting any treatment at the hospital.
  • Patients need to provide some basic information about themselves including their name, CNIC number, address and phone number etc.
  • The patient should pay the nominal fee for their emergency treatment or treatment at the OPD at the counter.

Patients Admission

The patient are referred through Accident and Emergency or OPD for admission at the hospital.

  • The patient must have registration at the hospital or should get themselves registered at the registration counter.
  • They must show letter of admission from the doctor.
  • A copy of CNIC must be provided.
  • Service ID card & company’s letter showing its eligibility.(if its employer or company has to pay the bills)
  • If treatment under insurance coverage is required, the patient must provide the proof of insurance coverage to the Hospital.

Please note if the period of stay of the admitted patient exceeds or the cost of treatment exceeds a certain limit defined by their insurance company or their employer, an additional approval will be required.