The Patients Welfare Association (PWA)

Patients Welfare Association (PWA) is a registered body with the Government of Sindh and is looked after by senior management of the Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre (MH&HCC). It plays a vital role in fundraising for the hospital and organizing free camps for the underprivileged. PWA also coordinates with the regular and conventional donors to collect the amount required for the treatment of patients coming daily to the welfare clinics. The account of PWA is properly maintained and audited every year.

The Objective of PWA

Endeavours to provide easy access of MH&HCC medical services and offer welfare assistance to patients from underprivileged and low-income households, regardless of their religion, gender, race, colour, creed or domicile.

Treatment from Welfare Funds

Health care and treatment is the right of every human being, therefore those who cannot afford to pay for the treatment they get at the hospital, can apply for treatment through zakat funds or through hospital own resources. Also, our duty is to find a very friendly . Though Murshid Hospital offer treatment at its special clinics at very minimal charges, but for patient who need expert’s consultation and specific treatment may need to be referred to PWA for funding further treatment.

The attendant or patient should fill Zakat Form and attach a copy of CNIC and apply for Zakat or free treatment. Mostly the patients referred to PWA Clinics are those in critical conditions and required further opinion of the consultants.

On receiving the request from patient PWA Committee then evaluate the physical and financial condition of the patient. After proper evaluation a fixed amount is allocated for the treatmen. In some cases if the committee feels the patient can bear to pay some amount it may ask a patient to pay certain percentage of the treatment while rest is provided from the hospital or PWA funds.

During the yearsNumber of Patients got financial assistanceFinancial Assistance (Amount PKR)
2015-202061,668  130,041,519  

Free Medical & Surgical Camps

After frequent intervals, MH&HCC organize medical and surgical camps of various specialities in which thousands of patients got free treatment and surgeries to facilitate poor and needy patients.

Free Camps from 2017 to 2019

Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre has organized the following free camps for the people living around the hospital and some far-flung areas.

S.No. Name of CampLocationDateNo. of Patients
1Free Diabetes CampMH&HCC14 Nov 202052
2Free Orthopaedic Surgery CampMH&HCC04 Nov 2020231
3Free General Surgery CampMH&HCC13 & 14 Oct 2020311
4Free Gynae Surgical CampMH&HCC1, 2 & 3 Oct 2020393
5Free Eye CampMH&HCC17 & 18 Sep 2020383
6Free Medical CampMH&HCC10 Sep 2020507
7Free Gynae CampMH&HCC29 Feb 2020163
8Free Orthopaedic CampMH&HCC21 Jan 2020459
9Free Medical CampMH&HCC23 Nov 2019940
10Free Medical CampMH&HCC31 Aug 2019317
11Free Medical CampMH&HCC15 Jun 2019583
12Neurology & Neuro Surgery CampMH&HCC23 Apr 2019303
13Health MelaMH&HCC30 Mar 2019579
14Employees Screening CampMH&HCC07 Mar 2019111
15Eye CampMH&HCC28,29,31 Dec 2018586
16Medical CampGharo, Sindh09 Dec 2018616
17Hepatitis Camp  MH&HCC01 Aug 2018470
18TB CampMH&HCC26 Jun 2018223
19Eye CampMH&HCC31 Mar 2018199
20Fistula CampVinder-Baluchistan17 Mar 2018200
21Free Medical Camp- All SpecYousaf Goth28 Feb 2018800
22Fistula CampLyari24 Feb 201836
23Fistula CampMH&HCC14 Feb 201815
24T.B CampMH&HCC13 Jan 2018138
25Diabetes & Skin Free CampExpo Centre06 Jan 2018220
26Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Surgical CampMH&HCC24 & 25 Nov 201743
27Fistula CampMH&HCC22 Dec 2017139
28Medical CampThe Educators School02 Nov 201780
29All Medical Sub-Specialties CampMH&HCC17 Oct 2017626
30Fistula CampMH&HCC09 Oct 2017104
31Dental & E.N.T CampMH&HCC23 Sep 2017597
32Physiotherapy CampMH&HCC18 Sep 2017308
33General Surgery & Urology CampMH&HCC11 Sep 2017304
34Neurosurgery & Orthopaedic CampMH&HCC28 Aug 2017384
35Diabetes & Hypertension CampMH&HCC12 Aug 201757
36Hepatitis CampMH&HCC28 Jul 201746
37T.B CampMH&HCC27 Jul 2017223
38Hepatitis CampMH&HCC10 Jul 2017150
39Eye CampMH&HCC29 Jan 2017360