The Patients Welfare Association (PWA)

Patients Welfare Association (PWA) is a registered body with the Government of Sindh and is looked after by senior management of the Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre (MH&HCC). It plays a vital role in fundraising for the hospital and organizing free camps for the underprivileged. PWA also coordinates with the regular and conventional donors to collect the amount required for the treatment of patients coming daily to the welfare clinics. The account of PWA is properly maintained and audited every year.

The Objective of PWA

Endeavours to provide easy access of MH&HCC medical services and offer welfare assistance to patients from underprivileged and low-income households, regardless of their religion, gender, race, colour, creed or domicile.

Treatment from Welfare Funds

Health care and treatment is the right of every human being, therefore those who cannot afford to pay for the treatment they get at the hospital, can apply for treatment through zakat funds or through hospital own resources. Also, our duty is to find a very friendly . Though Murshid Hospital offer treatment at its special clinics at very minimal charges, but for patient who need expert’s consultation and specific treatment may need to be referred to PWA for funding further treatment.

The attendant or patient should fill Zakat Form and attach a copy of CNIC and apply for Zakat or free treatment. Mostly the patients referred to PWA Clinics are those in critical conditions and required further opinion of the consultants.