Personal Information

This website does not collect any individual information through website other than what is explicitly provided by the individual themselves. Some information may be collected for the functionality of the webpage and may be required to access and view the webpage correctly. We respect your right to privacy and therefore, the hospital does not provide and share the information with anyone who is not the part of the treatment of the individual. No information will be shared with any external consultant or advisor unless it is necessary for the treatment and the patient or its attendant authorizes the hospital to do so.

External Distribution of Information

Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre does not by any means sell or otherwise provide any information to any external entity which is sent through feedback or by the website or by any other means (emails, registration, etc.) except if it is requested or required by law or the government of Pakistan.

Collection of Technical Information

Connection and networking information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) network address and/or the caller identification information of an individual visiting this website may be collected to access secure pages or may be collected for purpose of viewing the webpages properly. The collected information may be shared with the hospital’s personnel and/or law enforcement or investigative agencies to assist in investigation if anyone is suspected to have violated the law of the country or any hospital policy.


The Hospital has ensured that it has used the technologies required to provide secure information safely to the patients or the visitor online. At the hospital, the systems and application being used take all security measures to keep the patients’ personal information secure and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. The ICT team responsible for the creation, maintenance and support of these applications, database, or the website follow security measures and standards required in the collection, storage and review of the information.