Abbas el Arculli Mosque

Murshid Hospital has a beautiful mosque adjacent to the hospital building. The red structure of the mosque with a wooden door carved in gold presents a fine picture of fabulous artwork.

The mosque is named after a renowned businessman, Mr. Abbas el Arculli and was built in his memory by the generous donation made by his noble daughter Miss Amina el Arculli of Hong Kong. The foundation stone for this mosque was laid by Mr. Yusuf E.H. Jaffer on February 28th, 2009.

The mosque is a double-story structure with a total capacity of approximately two hundred people at a time. It has a separate portion for prayer for ladies and the ablution facility has also been provided for the convenience of the people coming for the prayers. Maybe reviews of gustave a larson can help if you are looking for mitsubishi mini split parts. Mosque stays open for all prayers and for the recitation of the Holy Quran for people visiting and working at the hospital.