Zakat & Donations


For Zakat

Murshid Hospital  & Health Care Centre is a not for profit organization which uses its revenue as investment for improving its facilities and provide better treatment to patients at minimum cost.

Your zakat will help to pay for the patients treated through PWA funds every year, who cannot pay for their treatment otherwise.

We collect zakat not only in Ramadan but throughout the year for the patients who are unable to pay for their expensive lab test and treatment required.

You can pay your zakat in cash, cheque or through bank draft in the name of

Account Name: Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre, Patients Welfare Association
Account No: 0015711303
Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited
Branch Name: Saeedabad, Branch, Karachi                  
Branch Code: 0994


For Donations

We believe that people have many reasons for donating and contributing to the hospitals like Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre. You may wish to be the part of this noble work and feel happy to save a life. Your contribution make a difference for those who are unable to pay for their treatment and are fighting against illnesses.

Regardless of the size of your contribution or the motivation behind it, we are grateful for your great gift to these people you give hope to.

We spend your money for

  • The treatment  of poor patients through Patient Welfare Association’s fund. Approximately ten thousands patients are treated every year through PWA funds.
  • Purchase and maintain most needed equipment
  • Providing better facilities for the treatments
  • Organizing camps and special programs
  • Hiring and positioning qualified staff

You can deposit your donations in our following accounts

Account Name: Darut Tasnif  (Pvt) Limited, Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre
Account No: 0981-006085-01-1 
Bank Name: Bank  Al-Habib Limited
Branch Name: Saeedabad, Branch, Karachi                  
Branch Code: 1067

Remember your donations help us save people’s life and bear the expenses for providing health facilities to people who need it badly.


Donate Online

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Pay through Mobile

Mobile payment option will be added soon.