Radiology & Ultrasound

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Radiology is a branch of medicine using radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Radiology originally involved the use of X-Rays in the diagnosis of disease and the use of X rays, gamma rays, and other forms of ionizing radiation in the treatment of disease. In more recent years radiology has come also to embrace diagnosis by a method of organ scanning with the use of radioactive isotopes and also with no ionizing radiation, such as ultrasound waves and nuclear magnetic resonance. Similarly, the scope of radiotherapy has extended to include, in the treatment of cancer, such agents as hormones and chemotherapeutic drugs.

Diagnostic services of radiology and ultrasound are being provided at the Murshid hospital with the aim and objective of providing a quality investigation result achieved through practice of proper internal and external quality check and controls.

Murshid Hospital have radiology and ultrasound department fully equipped to address the needs of the patients coming to the hospital for the treatment. General Radiography including Skeletal, Thorax and Abdominal X-Ray’s and  special procedures like I.V.P, Urethrogram,  Sinogram, etc. are done 24 hours, this helps physician and surgeons in quick diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. All types of Ultrasound and Ultrasound guided procedures and Doppler scans are also available. On average thousands x-rays and thousand ultrasound are being done every month at the hospital.

Addition of another X-Ray unit with image intensifier, CR system for X-Ray developing, and to provide facility for C.T Scan and MRI are part of the plan of future enhancement .

Quality Control

Strict quality control is necessary to established and maintain creditability of diagnostic imaging. No findings can be claimed authentic without establishing an efficient quality control program. Therefore for external quality control we have received licensed by Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA). We maintain radiation protection regulation compliance, which PNRA checks during their annual inspections.

Educational Programmes

The Radiology Department offers one-year Residency Training Programme, which is recognized by the Medical Faculty of Sindh. Usually two to three residents complete this programme every year and start their career at different hospitals in and outside Pakistan.

This programme has also gained a reputation in  Pakistan for being an excellent training programme in Radiology like other training programmes of the hospital. It is supervised by number of renowned faculty members.


News & Events

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MHHCC : 19th October, 2017 Awareness Session on Global Ethics Day  "Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality." On 19th October an awareness session on Ethics was conducted by Prof. Dr. Kalimullah Thaheem, who is also the HOD of ENT Department of Murshid Hospital. The sessi

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Free camp of all medical sub-specialties
MHHCC : 17th October, 2017 Free camp of all medical sub-specialties  Awareness session & free camp of all medical sub-specialties were organized at Murshid Hospital on 17th October 2017. The objective of the awareness session was to impart medical education among the masses. During the awareness session various consultants spoke abou

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Free Obstetrical Fistula & Ovaries Surgical Camp
MHHCC : 9th October, 2017 Free Obstetrical Fistula & Ovaries Surgical Camp  3 Days Free Obstetrical Fistula & Ovaries Surgical Camp started on 9th October 2017, at Murshid Hospital & Healthcare Centre. The camp was inaugurated by Dr Samina Naz, the head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Dr Kashif Mahmood Shah, CEO

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World Pharmacist Day Celebrated
MHHCC : 25th September, 2017 World Pharmacist Day Celebrated  World Pharmacist Day was celebrated on 25th September 2017, at Murshid Hospital &Health Care Centre. The celebration started by an awareness walk followed by scheduled programmes whcih included presentation on Murshid Pharmacy (Pharmacy dept. of Murshid) by Dr.Sidrah Jave

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Free Two Days ENT & Dental Surgical Camp
MHHCC : 24th September, 2017 Free Two Days ENT & Dental Surgical Camp        Free two days ENT & Dental Camp was organized on a very large scale at Murshid Hospital and Healthcare Centre. More than six hundred patients were provided free consultations, free Labs, free X-Rays & free ultrasounds. About 35

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Farewell Party for Passing Out Students
MHHCC : 22nd September, 2017 Farewell Party for Passing Out Students of School of Nursing & Midwifery       The management of Murshid School of Nursing & Midwifery organized a Farewell Party for the passing out students of Nurse Midwifery, Midwifery, Technicians & Aid Nurse Courses on 22nd Sep 2017. &n

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Awareness Session on Obstetric Fistula
MHHCC : 21st September, 2017 Awareness Session on Obstetric Fistula  Awareness Session on "Obstetric Fistula"  was held today at Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre. Prof Dr Sadiqua N. Jaffery were invited as a chief guest. In the welcome note Dr Samina Naz, head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of  M

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Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation & Free Camp
MHHCC : 18th September, 2017 Role of Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation with Free Camp Awareness session on the "Role of Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation" was conducted at Murshid Hospital & Hrealth Care Centre by Dr Sundas Fatima. A large number of people attended this informative session.       The ses

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Healthy Diet and Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy
MHHCC : 15th September, 2017 Principles of Healthy Diet and Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy Awareness Session on Principles of Healthy Diet and Role of Medical Nutrition Therapy was conducted by Food Service Department on Friday, 15th September 2017 at 03:00pm in Agha Hassan Abedi Auditorium. The session started with the recitation of holy

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