Out –Patient Services

We provide quality in-patient and out-patient services

Consultant Clinics
The Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre offers highly specialized medical care services including physiotherapy and emergency services through specialized doctors and consultants in OPD. Its services comprises of general and consulting clinics offering consultation and treatment in various specialties.

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Welfare Clinic
Patient Welfare Clinic opens daily from 2:30-4:30pm for the families who cannot afford the general treatment. General family physicians and necessary paramedical staffs examine the patients and carries out necessary test and investigations daily for a nominal fee from each patient. Patient Welfare Association bore these charges if the patient is unable to pay any amount at all. The Welfare clinic treats approx. ten thousands patient every year.

Diabetic Clinic
Daily Diabetic Clinic from 9:00am to 1:00pm is held for the diabetic patients. These patients are charged very little amount for these treatments and the random fasting blood sugar test. Patient Welfare Association bears the additional cost of these treatments if and when required.

TB Clinic
The hospital is also providing medical check-ups and treatment for poor and non-affording patients of Tuberculosis patients daily from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The patient need to pay a nominal amount for their treatment. The remaining cost is borne by the Patients Welfare Association of the Murshid Hospital. This includes medicines, sputum tests and x-rays for these patients.

Sunday Clinics
MH&HCC has started Sunday Clinics for facilitating patients in many ways. For example patients who cannot skip work or those who are dependent on someone who is unable to come to the hospital on a working day can now come to the hospital for the treatment on Sundays.

Well Baby Clinic
The hospital has introduced the Well Baby Clinic to monitor a baby’s growth month-by-month up to the attainment of age of 5 years. Child specialists are deputed to examine and monitor the babies and advise the parents for taking appropriate care if there is any problem in the development of the child. Only a small amount is charged per visit for this facility.

Polio Clinic
The Polio Clinic works for the rehabilitation of polio patients free of cost.  The children are examined by the consultants and the physiotherapist guide and help them in doing necessary physical exercises. The Clinic remains open on all working days from 09:00 am to 01:00pm.

The polio drops are also provided to protect the health and future of the children. The hospital is also creating awareness through organizing camps and encourage more and more people to get their children vaccinated for polio. The hospital is contributing to the Project of Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI) and working along with the government of Sindh and UNICEF to reduce cases of polio in far reaching areas within and around the city of Karachi, thus helping in complete eradication of polio from the country.

Vaccination Centre
The Vaccination Centre of the hospital provides vaccination facility for children against various diseases and viruses without any charge. The 6 course vaccination schedule for children includes BCG (vaccine for TB), Polio drops, Pentavalent Vaccine for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), Hepatitis-B and Haemophilus Influenzae-B and vaccine for Measles. Under the  Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI), all immunization vaccines are provided free of cost by UNICEF.

The hospital is effectively playing its role by working along with the government of Sindh and UNICEF for improving health facilities for children. The hospital  creates awareness and immunize children through its vaccination centre and arranging camps under the Project of Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI).

Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre has vaccinated 6649 children during the year July 2011 to August 2012 which included  BCG, OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine), TT (Tetanus toxoid, a vaccine against Tetanus) and vaccination for diseases like Measles and Diarrhoea.


News & Events

Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop
MHHCC : 14th September, 2017 Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop On September 14th, 2017, Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre organized a Prosthetics & Orthotics Workshop. The participants included nursing staff, students and consultants and related employees. A large number of Prosthetics & Orthotics items were exhibited.

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Orthopedic Workshop
MHHCC : 12th September, 2017 Orthopedic Workshop On September 12th, 2017, Murshid organized an Orthopedic Workshop, in which Dr. Waseem, Dr. Basheer & Dr. Zulfiqar presented an informative session along with hands-on practice. The participants were shown the correct way to handle broken bones. The participants were also given certifi

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Free Surgical Camp at Murshid
MHHCC : 11th September, 2017 Free Surgical Camp at Murshid Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre had a organized a large scale "Free Surgical Camp" on 11th Septemeber in the Consultant OPD Block. Hundreds of patients visited the camp, where they were examined free of cost and were given free Consultation. Four Male General Surge

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Awareness Session: Rational use of Cefixime
MHHCC : 8th September, 2017 Awareness Session on Rational use of Cefixime Murshid hospital & health care centre has organized an awareness session on "Rational use of Cefixime" conducted by Guest Speaker Mr. Adeel Anwer at Agha Hassan Abedi Auditorium.      Cefixime is an antibiotic useful to treat a numb

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Pakistan Nursing Council Delegation visited Murshid
MHHCC : 26th August, 2017 Pakistan Nursing Council Delegation visited Murshid A Delegation from Pakistan Nursing Council visited Murshid School of Nursing & Midwifery and Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre on Saturday, 26th August 2017. The delegates were given brief introduction of the school and hospital.    &nbs

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Orthopedic & Neurosurgery Free Camp
MHHCC : 28th Aug, 2017 Orthopedic & Neurosurgery Free Camp A Free Camp for Orthopedic & Neuro-Surgery was organized by Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre, in which 385 poor patients were examined and were given free consultation.       Facility of free screening and x-rays were also provided to the

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Vital Signs & I/O Training
MHHCC : 18th August, 2017 Vital Signs & I/O Training A Training & Development session on Vital Signs & I/O was arranged by Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre. The training was conducted by Deputy Matron Nursing Department Mr. Aamir Sharif.      Ms. Shehnaz Zaman, the coordinator Midwifery and Communi

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Free Obstetric Fistula Surgery Program
MHHCC : 17th August, 2017 Free Obstetric Fistula Surgery (International Funding Program) Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre is recognized for the Free Obstetric Fistula Surgery (International Funding Program). The team of doctor's here at Murshid Hospital are highly qualified with technical and professional experience. 

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Educational Session on Common Skin Diseases
MHHCC : 16th August, 2017 Common Skin Diseases  Continuing medical education, Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre organized session on Common Skin Diseases by Dr. Kashef Ahmed Malick, who is a well-known Dermatologist.and Consultant A large numbers of participants attended the session.      The session was hos

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